135/79 Petchkasem Rd T., Hua Hin District

135/79 Petchkasem Rd T., Hua Hin District

Hua Hin Accounting 

and Law

Functional Expertise

Outstanding Service

At the forefront of Digital Accounting

Hua Hin Accounting and Law Co. Ltd. is part of MBMG Group. We offer a full range of business and personal services tailored for every client's individual objectives.

“ Thank You” note always inspire us and all support team to provide professional and high-quality service in order to make our clients HAPPY,

it is so simple word but it is a meaningful for us.

Hua Hin Accounting

and Law

Functional Expertise

Outstanding Service

At the forefront of Digital Accounting

Hua Hin Accounting and Law Co. Ltd. is part of MBMG Group. We offer a full range of business and personal services tailored for every client's individual objectives.




Tax and Legal Services

Advisory Services

About Us

Hua Hun Accounting and Law Co., Ltd is a part of MBMG Group.

Our company provides auditing, accounting and financial statements for almost all businesses including small to large businesses in Thailand

A Comprehensive Service

We provide a comprehensive service in terms of accountancy, taxation and law;  business consultancy, such as corporate ownership structures, business planning, and cash-flow forecasting, advice on mergers, acquisitions, sale of a businesses, corporate due-diligences and valuation models.

Focus on Clients

Our management consulting services focus on “our clients”

Reliable & Protective of Your Data

We adhere to strict internal rules & legal regulations on the

privacy of your data. We have more than 20 years’ experience.

High Standard of Services

We bring deep, functional expertise, with a high standard of services.

Our Business Partners

FREE first consultation.


Hua Hin Accounting and Law, a part of the MBMG Group won the award.

"Best Digital Accounting Firm of the Year 2021" (Best Digital Accounting Firm Award 2021 )- PLATINUM AWARD level successfully.

This award is meaningful for all of us because It reflects our quality of services and our vision of excellence.


What Clients Say

“As a customer for several years, I am extremely satisfied with all services requested and provided.”

- Henry Bohan

“I am very satisfied by the committed and service-oriented attitude. I am a very satisfied customer, and I am an active ambassador for Hua Hin accounting!”

– Peter Zegwaart

“Generally, very happy with the performance of Hua Hin accounting and in particular with khun Air. Fast response, knowledgeable and willing to satisfy the requirements.”

– Cornelis Willemse (Kees)

Our Digital Accounting Practice is Certified 

“Certified Accounting Practice” implies the accounting firm can operate




We focus on maintaining our high standard of services to meet our clients’ satisfaction. 因为这个原因, we have been selected by the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce as the first Qualified Accounting Practice in Prachuab-Kirikhan.

Our knowledge and full range of expertise is ready to advise whether you have a single need or a series of

business needs on turnkey basis. We are all delighted to serve and take care of your business needs.

Our Specialisation

Hua Hin Accounting and Law provides services in several specialized fields.


• Prepare and submit payroll tax withholding (PND.1)

• Prepare and file personal income tax withholding (PND.3)

• Prepare and file corporate income tax withholding (PND.53 and PND.54)

• Prepare input tax report and monthly sales tax report.

• Submit VAT returns (Phor Phor 30 and Phor Phor 36)

• Submit a specific business tax form (Phor Phor. 40)

Submit annual forms

• Prepare and submit the annual withholding salary tax form (PND.1 Kor)

• Standing the corporate income tax form for half a year (PND 51)

• Submit the personal income tax form for half a year (PND 94).

• Prepare and submit personal income tax forms at the end of the year (PND.90, PND 91).

• Submit the corporate income tax form at the end of the year (PND. 50) and submit annual financial statements to the Revenue Department.

• Submit the financial statement and form Sor Chor. 3 to the

Department of Business Development.

• Prepare and file alcohol tax forms to the Excise Department.

• Prepare and file a house tax sign form to the municipality or Local police officer

Social Security Services

• Employer and Employee Registration Service

• Service to notify employees within 15 days

• Monthly contributions submission service (Form SOP-10)

•Annual compensation fund submission service (Form Kor Tor 20)

Payroll preparation service

Calculate withholding taxes and Social Security and Provident Fund (if applicable).

• Prepare a salary summary.

• Prepare payslip.

• File taxes and social security

Financial statement closing service

• Provision of trial balance and financial statements

• Providing important account details.

    - Inventories

    - Land, buildings and equipment

    - Details of trade payables and accounts receivable

    - Liabilities and other current assets

    - Liabilities and other assets

    - Cost details

    - Details of selling expenses or details of financial costs

Accounting and tax planning services

• Accounting system

• Accounting and tax training

• Supervise accounting operations

• Tax planning

• Analyze financial and investment statements

• Providing advice on accounting and tax solutions.

Digital Accounting

Digital accounting refers to the formation, representation and transmission of financial data in an electronic format. The use of smart systems helps to reduce human-made mistakes and the system to act faster.

The benefits of the digital age to productivity can be organized into 8 categories:

• Paperless accounting

• Management of data quality

• Process automation

• Real-time reporting

• Creation of transparency

• Big data analyses

• Tools for visualization

• Cloud computing

Through the use of digital technologies, companies also expect audits from their auditors to be both more efficient and also of increasing quality.

This Solution is suitable for E-Tax to save time and costs in preparing, sending and storing documents and also meet the Revenue Department’s requirements with online tax filing.


Auditing and certification of financial statements in accordance with Thai Accounting Standards (Thai GAAP / Thai Accounting Standard) and International Accounting Standards (IFRS).

• Internal audit and internal control planning.

Audits according to the requirements of parent company or affiliate such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual financial statements, etc.

Various special inspections Check for debt restructuring Inspection service According to the requirements of Board of Investment (BOI)

Tax & Legal Service

Tax Service

• Tax planning

• Analyze financial and investment statements

• Providing advice on accounting and tax solutions.

Legal Service

Our lawyer team with providing legal services such as

• Registered companies both in Thailand and abroad. Including company registration

• Apply for a foreign business license

• Request for the Board of Investment Promotion Certificate (BOI)

• Get visas and work permits

• Draft legal contracts in both Thai and foreign languages / check the validity of the contract

• Labor Law

• Real estate law

• Prepare wills, appoint trustees As well as maintain the rights and benefits according to the will

• Notarized


Advisory Service

A team of consultants with knowledge and experience in providing advice in the following areas.

• Company structure planning

• Making a business plan.

• Internal system planning and control.

• Funding

• Analysis of venture capital and investment finance.

• Selling and merging

• Various insurance

We take pride in developing long-term personal relationships with clients by offering sound financial services built on trust and loyalty.


• Company Limited, Limited Partnership, Individual and Commercial registrations.

• Amendments to entity registration including but not limited to change of name, address, directors, shareholders, throughout the dissolution and liquidation.

• VAT registration

• Thai Tax ID Application

• Obtaining Certify copy of Company’s Certificates

Business License Applications including but not limited to

• Foreign Business License (FBL)

• Board of Investment Promotion Certificates (BOI)


• Food License

• Alcohol and non-alcohol beverage license

• Tobacco license

• Sound Permission (live music, use of loudspeakers and etc.)


Hua Hin Accounting and Law Co. Ltd. combines expertise, experience and provides bespoke services for every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on:

Fast & Efficient Communication

Modern Technology

International Experience

Experienced Team

Comprehensive certified

FREE first consultation.


Digital Accounting Solution

NEXTO Digital Accounting Program is designed for your business in a better way. One-stop service that enables you to track business information in
real-time from any connected device. 
Track Expenses | Customise Invoices | Run Reports and More -

All in One Place and surprisingly user friendly.

FREE first consultation.

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